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Only 30 billion industry value, 13 billion yuan to acquire over the Volvo, the outsiders question regardless of whether Geely "She Tunxiang" capability. Geely spokesman said Geely would be "the introduction of international investment banks" and get "the support of domestic banks," have a very sound financing, "money just isn't a dilemma."

Speculation in the industry amid the twists and turns Fang Jian, 28, Ford Auto Officially announced given that the Ford Motor Corporation Geely Automobile Volvo preferred bidder. 29, Geely spokesman Yuan Xiaolin's connections, he said that is the 1st time that Ford officially recognized as being the preferred bidder Geely, and that is lucky given that acquiring Volvo laid a good foundation for negotiations. Geely, the availability MOTO G6 Plus Cover of sufficient financial resources for your Volvo swallowed, Yuan Xiaolin expressed complete financing, acquisition of Volvo, "determined to win."n."

Response to external challenge "She Tunxiang" Financing of ideal "is not bad money"

Yuan Xiaolin said Geely Geely purchase long-term development strategy of the Volvo line, within the preparation process, the Geely hired world-class financial, legal as well as other relevant experts. Sources said the cars were to spend alone 60 million yuan. Data show that Ford spent 6.49 billion U.S. dollars in 1999 Volvo acquired the brand, but has been over the acquisition good results Houwoerwo loss. However, as together with the 80-year history in the world-renowned brands, even within the continued loss of your wall chargers, Volvo's current market with the sale price is continue to an astronomical figure.

Foreign news reports on this, "Ford to sell Volvo's LG G7 Covers trading price all around 20 to 25 billion kronor. Geely, which will be 15.6 billion kronor (about 1.9715 billion U.S. dollars, 13.4775 billion yuan) acquisition of fertile Calvo's majority stake. "For the news, apart from these the preferred argument is that" She Tunxiang "skeptical which the lucky people who tend not to have the financial resources to eat this monster, because" the current sector value of Geely only 30 billion yuan. "

For this assessment, Yuanxiao Lin only presents a vague answer, he said by means of preparation, Geely has made a complete acquisition program, "The introduction of an international investment bank," and was "supported by domestic banks," there exists improve the financing channels, and its implication for the acquisition of Volvo, "money isn't the dilemma." But outside the famous Volvo Geely acquisition will charge 2 billion U.S. dollars on the claim, Yuan Xiaolin called a "trade Moto Z3 Play Cases secret, they will not simply revealed."

Acquisition Houwoerwo headquarters still in Sweden or while in the domestic production XC90

Geely Why acquire Volvo? In this long back, Geely's to start with high-end cars, "Imperial" in Jinan offline, this automobile has long been the intention to reverse the public impression of Geely cars cheap, lucky if the acquisition had a similar role in the Volvo? For this challenge, Yuan Xiaolin Geely see is Volvo said the 80-year history and world-renowned safety features, world-class R & D and Marketing Channel.

Official statement, Geely said that if the acquisition successfully, Volvo existing facilities, research centers, trade unions agreements and dealer network is going to be preserved. Volvo will be the future of the independent management team, the headquarters is even now set up in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is actually said that Volvo will set up production bases OnePlus 6 Cases in Dongguan and Beijing, the very first vehicle to the XC90. In this regard, Yuan Xiaolin said the talks were ongoing along with the Volvo, the specific circumstance will depend around the outcome on the negotiations, released for the appropriate time.

Acquisition achievements has iron nail? Yuan Xiaolin that lucky given that the preferred bidder does not necessarily mean which the successful acquisition of all depends around the negotiation process, while the preferred bidder to turn out to be the greatest significance need to will be the "lucky acquisition of Volvo's talks laid a firm basis, an increase with the potential acquisition. "

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